Andrew McCann

Creative Director

Interior Architecture, BA (Hons)


With 17 years experience in interior design and architecture, Andrew McCann joined MoreySmith in 1998. Prior to joining MoreySmith, Andrew specialised in hospitality design, working for over five years on high-end, international hotels, spas and apartments. Playing a central role in MoreySmith’s most high profile projects over the last 15 years, Andrew occupies the role of Creative Director – which he has held since 2003.


Andrew can often be found working closely with Linda on strategic and concept design. He leads the award-winning design team and is responsible for steering the practice’s overall philosophy. Andrew’s natural creative ability is capitalised through concept design and visualisation, the influence of which can be perceived on all MoreySmith projects.


His design concepts are beautifully conveyed through his ability to produce atmospheric and astutely interpretive sketches for each scheme. Often thought of as a lost skill in today’s computer age, Andrew’s hand rendered drawings evoke a sense of drama and presence that are seldom produced by technology. With strengths in both the technical and creative areas, Andrew delivers all round leadership on projects.