March 2013


Argent LLP/King's Cross Central Limited Partnership


London HQ 15,000sq ft – Ground to 2nd floor


Internal design of new offices; reception, Kings Cross development marketing suite, open workspace and breakout areas

Our role:

Interior architectural design, lead designer

“We needed our office to accommodate a growing team and a diverse working culture. MoreySmith understands that and created an environment that not only accommodates this, but actually promotes and encourages staff to work in a way that suits them. We’ve noticed a real shift in the working culture as a result. The range of spaces is fantastic and encouraging improved communication and knowledge sharing across the business. MoreySmith has taken into consideration the physical as well as the psychological needs of our staff and as a result the space is having a really positive impact on the entire office.”

Richard Meier, Partner, Argent 

Two years after MoreySmith created UK headquarters for Argent, the innovative design is having a positive influence on the company’s working practices.

MoreySmith spent a year working with Argent’s team to understand their needs. Workers’ daily routines vary greatly, so the design needed to support this. Smart working, a concept focusing on flexibility, was initially introduced with the aim to eventually progress to agile working. Two years on, the design is accommodating this, with the team working in an agile, smart way.

The diversity of working environments has recently been extended to include meeting booths, quiet study positions and informal touchdown benches. This multi-functional space balances the private meeting rooms with relaxed informal spaces, providing choice to suit the variety of work. Some are trialling ‘deskflex’, sharing desk space, which is efficient for executives who are in the office less frequently.

A kitchen/social area, which reflects the comforts of home, is proving popular for informal knowledge-sharing and team catch-ups.

The health and wellbeing of occupants is key. A central staircase connects the floors and encourages social interaction and mobility. Quality air ventilation and natural light is also having a positive impact.

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