December 2008




Development of office space at No. 8 and 13 Fitzroy Street


Full design and refurbishment of space in the Arup portfolio

Our role:

Interior design, lead designer

“MoreySmith didn’t rest on their laurels following our successful move into the first phase of our new No.8 redevelopment.  While that move was a steep change in our working environment, welcomed by staff, MoreySmith monitored the usage characteristics and continued to challenge us and search for areas of improvement to implement in the remaining phase and make more from the whole than just the sum of the two phases.  Through their creative and collaborative approach we have now completed the whole development and have delivered a dynamic three-dimensional approach to our workspace needs which will serve us well into the future.”

Dick Lee, Shared Services Director, Arup

Since 2006, MoreySmith has been working with Arup, to implement a complete step change in their working practices. Following successful schemes for various other offices in the London estate, the design for 8 Fitzroy Street transforms the work environment, creating a crisp, clean and flexible design studio setting for staff that is appropriate for the differing needs of Arup’s varied groups and which suits Arup's culture. Phase two was completed in 2008.

A comprehensive building analysis was undertaken by MoreySmith to assess the success of phase two and to influence the design of phase three before construction began. The office floors incorporate a mix of workspace designed by MoreySmith to create an entirely new working environment for the Arup estate. This is achieved by combining open plan desking with team collaboration and presentation areas. Exposed ceilings and diverse wall finishes are combined with display systems, bespoke signage, graphics and clever storage solutions to create a crisp, clean and workable design studio setting for staff.

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