Kings Cross Residential Marketing Suite

March 2014


Argent LLP/ King's Cross Central Limited Partnership


This was a 3,510 sq ft refurbishment of a historic transit shed


To create a high end destination residential marketing suite including all furniture, styling, artwork and accessories

Our role:

Architectural, interior, styling designers and lead consultant

Luxury residential marketing suite created for Argent and King’s Cross Central Partner Ltd

Situated in the heart of the King’s Cross redevelopment, MoreySmith has completed a high-end residential marketing suite within a historic transit shed. Inspired by the surrounding industrial cityscape, MoreySmith’s objective was to create a jewel-like interior, akin to the luxurious nature of Argent’s residential apartments, enveloped in an industrial box. Key features include lacquered joinery with inset polished brass, a timber joisted ceiling and oversized parquet floor, establishing a sense of depth and warmth to the environment.

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