London First

February 2015


London First


4,000 sq ft workspace


Design of new office for 45 people including; reception, boardroom, meeting spaces 'family' kitchen space for team collaboration and breakout.

Our Role:

Interior Architectural Design - Lead Consultant

“London First celebrates the very best of all that London has to offer as a global business hub and it is wonderful that we have a new office space that represents and honours this and the work of our members. We are delighted to have worked with MoreySmith, who have created a space that works hard for our needs and represents all that we stand for as an organisation.”

Baroness Jo Valentine, Chief Executive, London First

Located on the fourth floor, the 4,321 sq ft office space has been designed on a modest budget to reflect London First’s mission to make London the best city in the world in which to do business.

The importance of connectivity has been an inspiration behind the design, to allow the team to work more openly and collaboratively, but also to bring to life London First’s influence in connecting London.  

It was also crucial for London First’s new home to showcase what they do and stand for.  The introduction of strong branding and wall graphics throughout the space provide a strong brand presence that communicates their story and celebrates their many successes.

London First’s previous offices at Trafalgar Square were split across two floors with the reception and meeting rooms on the ground floor and office space on the first floor. Now located on one, fully open plan floor, visitors are fully integrated with London First’s workforce.

Informal meeting areas, open plan offices and breakout spaces have all been created to encourage collaboration. Smart working areas have been introduced for directors and roving members of the team who are based infrequently at the office, providing flexible spaces that are a clever use of the floor plan and have adaptability depending on the requirements from the workforce.

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