Sony Music Paris

July 2011


Sony Music Paris


Ground floor, reception, café meeting rooms and entertainment suite at 54 Rue de Châteaudun, Paris - 4622m²


Interior design and architecture including design of bespoke furniture and joinery and procurement of furniture

Our role:

Interior design, lead designer

‘MoreySmith has a successful relationship with Sony BMG that spans more than fifteen years. With a unique, contemporary interior the new office provides a comfortable, efficient and individual environment for Sony’s Paris staff, now located in an building appropriately associated with music and entertainment.’

Linda Morey- Burrows, Principal Director, MoreySmith

In 2011, following the success of the Sony Music London project, MoreySmith was asked to develop a new scheme for Sony Music Paris.

The global music and entertainment company asked MoreySmith to create an interior with flair, to truly embody the spirit and ethos of this vibrant company.

The project was a challenging one; Sony Paris is situated in a heritage building on the Rue de Châteaudun – MoreySmith were unable to influence the architecture – even the use of red paint represented a big intervention.
MoreySmith introduced a café with informal spacing, meeting rooms and breakout areas to create a focus point – the heart of Sony's music and entertainment business in Paris.


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