QuantumBlack is a McKinsey company, and occupy their own space within The Post Building. QuantumBlack has a distinct identity with a focus on data and analytics to improve performance outcomes for organizations. This individuality was highlighted in a design that tailored specifically to their specialist needs with subtle reference to the larger governing identity of McKinsey & Company.

MoreySmith created a unique physical and visual identity to differentiate sections within the larger work floors, while creating a unique environment that is not overshadowed by a one size fits all approach.

The design focussed on creating a dynamic space that maintained privacy and confidentiality levels but encouraged collaboration through spatial arrangements, furniture and plug and play technology. By doing so, the design helped shift the concept of tethered spaces to allow for increased flexibility across spaces, encouraging social interaction and focussed work between teams.

A large central community space was allocated for larger team briefing and live streaming sessions with views into a greenspace. A greenhouse was installed at the base of the interlinking central stairs. This wellbeing area acts as a connection between the lively cafe and coffee bar, and QuantumBlack’s main space.