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Having worked with Sony Music for 28 years, MoreySmith was appointed in 2018 to relocate the 900+ team from Kensington to Kings Cross as part of a strategic business decision to move East. MoreySmith previously designed their HQ in Kensington, working closely with Sony Music over 10 years to evolve the space and maintain it is a contemporary magnet for talent. If Sony Music could pick up their current building and move it further East, they would have!

Throughout this process, MoreySmith has been working closely with Sony Music to understand their specific needs, leading engagement sessions including interviews, surveys, space and data analysis and time and motion studies. Flexibility, autonomy, diversity and high levels of acoustics were at the forefront of the employee’s requests and MoreySmith’s design response, an approach that has only been accelerated by Covid-19.

Returning to the office following an extensive working from home period has made the team reconsider the spaces and facilities people will most benefit from in their new working environment. It combines the best of hospitality , performance, as well as social and collaborative spaces whilst also creating quiet, private areas giving the workforce choice and diversity. Photo studios feature alongside VC booths, podcast suites, café, library and coffee bars provide enticing amenities that support a flexible healthy and successful working environment.

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Interior Design,Architecture,Workplace